Price: $30

Seller: Caroline
State: Arkansas
City: Oakland
Zip code: 94602
Type: TV games & PC games

20+ classic board games plus various toys. Would prefer to sell as lot for BO. 
Actual games in good condition, with all parts and instructions. Some boxes have taped corners as shown in pictures. 
Some included:
Sorry, Scrabble, Checkers, 8 person Bingo, Madcap Marathon, Perfection, Mancala, plastic darts, Mickey Mouse Yahtzee, Shark Attack, Battle for Tromaville, Monopoly, Monopoly Jr, and newer Monopoly, Hangman, Jumanji, Carmen SanDiego, Goosebumps, Trouble, Ouiji, Clue, Clue jr., Kangaroo, 13 Deadend Drive, Connect Four. 
Also available is a Looney Tunes Popcorn Maker and an Artograph Light Tracer for sketches.
Jumanji: $30 OBO
Please see pictures below.