Seller: susan mcmillan
State: Arkansas
City: Oakland
Zip code: 97462
Type: Animals

French Bulldog / Boston Terrier puppies aka Frenchtons French Bo's or Faux Frenchies are hybrid designer puppies  they are the result of cross breeding a French bulldog and a Boston Terrier. Faux Frenchies are not as expensive as  French bulldogs but are built like a frenchie and are a wonderful pet that loves people of all ages, they are highly intelligent short cobby stocky puppies.  I have been raising dogs for over 25 years.
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I have had the pleasure of placing my babies all over the world and can ship most places.
I believe the best dogs are made of a strong foundation in bloodlines, good food, lots of love, and most importantly a strong focus on health. Please feel free to surf my pages and drop me an E-Mail with any questions or comments you might have. bloodlines available along with written health guarantee. Parents onsite.
AKC has stated that a pure bred dog runs a 15% chance of a genetic issue and a cross has a 3% chance. with that in mind it is safe to say that faux frenchie puppies are less likely to have genetic issues. I strive for the french bulldog look but with free moving limbs and easier breathing and I get this result in my breeding program. I differ from most frenchbo breeders because I use an AKC french bulldog female and an AKC toy boston male to make my first cross and I also have second generation females who I then breed back to my french bulldog male. I love the temperment of the crosses and have had the pleasure of placing my puppies in good families where several families have come back for another puppy because they enjoy them so much and want a playmate for the first puppy. I am always open to questions about my dogs or dogs you have recieved from another breeder. I really believe we should all lend a hand when someone needs an answer about a pet.